PVAMU Agricultural Field Day Scheduled May 6 – 7

The Prairie View A&M University 2011 Agricultural Field Day will be held May 6-7 on campus. Activities start on May 6th with a pre-Field Day workshop titled Farmscaping from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and a High School Career Day beginning at 9:30 a.m. Registration for Field Day starts at 7:00 a.m. on May 7th in the Carden-Waller Cooperative Extension building and workshops begin at 10:30 a.m. The College of Agriculture and Human Sciences is hosting the Field Day.

“Our featured pre-Field Day workshop on Farmscaping is something that many farm and ranch producers will find extremely beneficial,” said Billy Lawton, program specialist – Agriculture & Natural Resources, Cooperative Extension Program. “Farmscaping is the deliberate use of plants and landscaping to increase diversity of habitats to encourage and conserve beneficial organisms to help prevent damage to crops by insect pests.”

Dr. Richard McDonald of Symbiont Biological Pest Management in North Carolina will present the Farmscaping workshop aptly named “The Good, the Bad and the Bugly: Getting the Right Mix of Beneficial Insects and Pollinators on your Farm”. McDonald has been nicknamed Dr. McBug and specializes in providing guidance for farmers who want to use biological and organic toxic controls in commercial crop production.

Area middle and high school students will be invited to the High School Career Day where they will learn about the ABC’s of Entering College and given a tour of the PVAMU campus. Lunch is included.

On May 7th several speakers will address topics to help farmers and ranchers enhance and improve their farm operations followed by workshops that cover topics including food security, goat judging basics, diseases of pregnant goats, matching nutritional needs with forage and hay quality in beef cows, internal parasite management in goats, pasture management and general goat management.

Other featured events at the Agricultural Field Day include farm tours and a goat cook-off contest.

Registration for the Field Day events on May 7th is $10 per person, which includes registration materials and lunch. Contestants for the goat cook-off contest will be charged a $5.00 entry fee. There is no charge for the pre-field day Farmscaping workshop and the High School Career Day.

For more information about the Field Day, call 936/261-5072, 936/261-2540, or contact Billy Lawton at 936/261-5117, bclawton@ag.tamu.edu.  Interested persons can also download conference registration forms at pvcep.pvamu.edu.

Written by: Gloria J. Mosby, program director – Communications


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