Research Scientist/Biometrician/Joins Cooperative Agricultural Research Center

Dr.JungDr. Yoonsung Jung joined the Cooperative Agricultural Research Center (CARC) in the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences as a research scientist/biometrician in August, 2012. Dr. Jung, a native of South Korea, earned his master’s in Statistics from Texas A&M University and his doctorate in Statistics from Kansas State University.

Dr. Jung worked as a statistics consultant for five years at the Kansas State University-Extension Research Service. Prior to coming to Prairie View A&M University, Dr. Jung served at Alcorn State University where he taught statistics in undergraduate and graduate studies for Education, Psychology, and Advanced Technologies.

Having a passion to find new ways to unlock the values of statistics in the minds of students, Dr. Jung is developing an agricultural statistics curriculum. “I think these are exciting times of expansion and growth”, said Dr. Jung. “The key to making each project a success is ensuring that the influx of money is used productively.”

Dr. Jung is collaborating with other research scientists in CARC to develop research design, data sets and analysis for research projects and publications.


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