No Summer Break for Physical Activity

As a child, who didn’t look forward to summer break? No homework, no early rising, and summer vacations! For many, this break is the time to put your feet up, stay up late, and catch up on sleep. It’s easy to become a couch potato. However, no matter the season, children still need their 60 minutes of play each day. Without the routine of Physical Education or recess, parents may need to get creative to keep children active. The following tips can help. Is the temperature too hot outside? Video sports and dance games work well. Taking a long vacation by car? Pack balls and Frisbees for rest stop fun. Are the kids bored from being in the house all day? Neighborhood parks and pools can offer hours of entertainment. Also remember to check with your city parks and recreation department. Most organizations have a long list of summer camps and trips for a low cost.

Kids smiling

An example of a low cost summer program is the 2013 Youth Leadership Lab, sponsored by Prairie View A&M University’s Cooperative Extension Program.

So, as you break this summer and begin to plan family activities, keep physical activity a priority. Their  healthy bodies will thank you for it!

By Sheryl Austin,
Extension Agent, Bell County
Cooperative Extension Program

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